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Currency/Typography Tote

Chris Lee
Chris Lee / A-B-Z
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Tote bag

This is one unmarked edition of a tote bag printed in an edition of 50.

Each tote bag doubles as a currency whose face value will be determined to be equal to the final sale price of this eBay auction. In other words, the price discovery mechanism of this tote bag is an auction at a starting price of $7.54 CAD ($5.98 USD on Wed. Aug. 16, 11:51pm, 2017), which is the tote bags’ per/unit production cost. A PDF document of the invoice from the printer can be supplied upon request.

The recto of the bag functions as a form for authenticating the bag’s uniqueness as a document, thereby protecting its face value (and making availability the possibility of speculation). Each bag will include a hand-written edition number and hashtag (formatted so: #ABZTXTAM_1, #ABZTXTAM_2, #ABZTXTAM_3… up to #ABZTXTAM_50). The verso of the bag layers images that relate to the co-terminal history of typography and money.

Dimensions: 15” x 16”; Yellow polypropolene, black print.

This tote bag was designed by Chris Lee on the occasion of the summer typography school A-B-Z-TXT (, in Toronto, Canada, 2017, and is co-presented with Art Metropole (

  1. Chris Lee bag 1
  2. Chris Lee bag 2

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