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towards a minor abstraction : (Translation)

Francisco-Fernando Granados
Francisco-Fernando Granados
28 × 19.5 cm
Every Day Objects, Drawing, Mail Art
“Send someone you care for the circuitous joy of secret deconstruction. Enclose your own careful contribution, or present this present open for their edification, but be mindful that this object always envelops and outnumbers the binary. Edition of 10.”

Inkjet print on paper.
Varied edition.

“A drawing on the inside of a reconstituted envelope. Operates alternatiely as an expanded fine art work or utilitarian object. “ – Francisco-Fernando Granados

Every. Day. Objects. Catalog copy written by Lena Suksi + Fan Wu. Photos by Yuula Benivolski.

  1. Granados - towards a minor abstraction

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