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one in search of one

Ashley Culver
Artists' Books
30.5 × 30.5 cm
60 pp
Special Edition

one in search of one (2017) Var. Ed of 4 consists of a set of six books enclosed in a custom Somerset paper envelope. Each book is 12” by 12” with ten pages saddle bound with ¼” hand sewn stitches. The pages contain fragments of Allium vegetable peels, such as various onions, garlic, and shallot, sealed between sheets of transparent paper.
The book structure pairs with the subject and material of Allium vegetables: the layers of an onion are reflected in the pages of a book. Similarly, the translucency of the peels is accentuated by opacity of the paper.

Reframing these overlooked materials in the format of books presents the objects as things to look at and observe. The work is a call for attentiveness.

  1. one in search of one

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