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Mapping Spaces: A Topological Survey of the Work by James Turrell

James Turrell
18 × 24 × 1.5 cm
48 pp
Out of Print & Rare

Published on the occasion of an exhibition by James Turrell at the Kunsthalle Basel. With an Introduction by Jean-Christoph Ammann, and essays by Dr. Craig Adcock, Dr. E. C. Krupp, and Mario Diacomo. The substantial section of plates, with the sectional titles “Light and Sky Pieces,” “J.T.,” and “The Roden Crater Project,” document many of Turrell’s projects, as well as his affinity for aviation.

First edition. One of 1200 copies printed by A. Colish under the direction of Jerry Kelly, based on a design by Klaus Baumgärtner, and consultant to the project, William Drenttel.

  1. mapping spaces front

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