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Politics of Food

Aaron Cezar and Dani Burrows
Sternberg Press and Delfina Foundation
18 × 24 cm
240 pp
Politics, Activism, Cooking, Culture

The last decade has witnessed a proliferation of artists and artist collectives interrogating the global politics and ethics of food production, distribution, and consumption. As an important document of new research and thinking around the subject, this book, published with Delfina Foundation, contains reflections on food by prominent artists, anthropologists, and activists, amongst others. Interviews with chefs, policy makers, and agronomists critically assess and illuminate the ways the arts confront food-related issues, ranging from the infrastructure of global and local food systems, its impact on social organization, alternatives and sustainability, climate and ecology, health and policy, science and biodiversity, and identity and community.

Aaron Cezar (Founding Director, Delfina Foundation) and Dani Burrows (Director of Strategy, Delfina Foundation, 2013-2017)

Harry G. West, Raj Patel and Tim Lang

Ferran Adrià and Marta Arzak; Tamara Ben-Ari and Asunción Molinos Gordo; Mark Hix and Patrick Holden; Michel Pimbert and Tomáš Uhnák; Michael Vazquez and Michael Rakowitz

Other contributions
Kathrin Böhm; Center for Genomic Gastronomy; Leone Contini; Cooking Sections; Chris Fite-Wassilak; Amy Franceschini and Michael Taussig; Fernando García-Dory; Melanie Jackson; Dagna Jakubowska; Nick Laessing; Jane Levi; Poppy Litchfield; Candice Lin; Christine Mackey; Taus Makhacheva; Elia Nurvista; Senam Okudzeto; Thomas Pausz; Daniel Salomon; Vivien Sansour; Standart Thinking; Serkan Taycan; Lantian Xie; Raed Yassin

  1. Politics of Food

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