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C Magazine Issue 149: Community

C Magazine
Canadian, Contemporary Art, Arts Writing, Criticism

Emily Amos-Wood, Rosemary Flutur, and Karina Roman Justo

Jac Renée Bruneau
Editorial: Community

Benjamin de Boer
Take Down, Spread Out

Steph Wong Ken
Community is Never Neutral: Placemaking in Chinatowns Across Canada

Emelie Chhangur
In-reach and the Fabulatory Function of the Curatorial

Vince Rozario
Imagination Tool for Institutional Operations: A Long Project Between Gudskul & 7 Toronto Collectives

Emily Dickson
Moving at the Speed of Trust: On Teaching Social Practice

Dallas Fellini
Ongoing Legacies of Transmisogyny

Erica Cardwell
Wildseed: A Fellowship Model by and for Black Creatives

Emily Laurent Henderson
Aajiiqatigiingniq: Isuma’s Digital Indigenous Democracy Project

Kite and Alisha B. Wormsley
An Invitation for Black and Indigenous Artists to Dream

Artist Project
Victoria Redsun
Seghąxole, my clan

Accompanying Text: Mariana Muñoz Gomez

Jamie Ross
Gay Day 197

April Thompson
“The Neighbour’s Plate”, Derya Akay, Amna Elnour, Dana Qaddah

Eleonor Botoman
George the Parasite, SF Ho

Lillian O’Brien Davis
“Moon Poetics 4 Courageous Earth Critters and Dangerous Day Dreamers”, Zadie Xa

Jaleh Mansoor
“Thought, outside”, Craig Berggold, Marlene Creates, Kiss & Tell, Roy Kiyooka, Laiwan, Ken Lum, Melinda Mollineaux
Genevieve Flavelle

My Meteorite Or, Without the Random There Can Be No New Thing, Harry Dodge

Godfre Leung
“Inaction”, Brendan Fernandes

Reyhan Yazdani
1—130, Nour Bishouty

Magnus Tiesenhausen
Grass Drama, Julian Yi-Zhong Hou

Steven Cottingham
“Black Gold”, Ts̱ēmā

Camille Georgeson-Usher
“A Thread That Never Breaks”, Angel Aubichon, Joi T. Arcand, Leanna Marshall, Caroline Monnet, Jaad Kuujus (Meghann O’Brien), Olivia Whetung, The Pacific Sisters

Alex Turgeon
“Queer Correspondence”, Alex Margo Arden and Caspar Heinemann, Beatriz Cortez and Kang Seung Lee, Ezra Green and Martin Hansen, rafa esparza, Gelare Khoshgozaran, David Lindert, Atiéna

  1. C Magazine Issue 149

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