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Pro Forma: Language/Text/Visual Art - Full Series

Jessica Wyman
YYZ Books
15.9 × 17.7 × 0.8 cm

What are the ramifications, expectations, developments, and directions of text in visual art? What personal, social or political motivations inspire its use? What have been the conditions of its appearance, its evolution, and the climate of its reception? How does it become a limiting or liberating factor in production and interpretation? How does text function as a formal medium?

In order to address these questions, a call for essay and artwork proposals was issued and other materials were solicited by the editor. What came back were essays and artworks that may be grouped into distinct themes, from which developed the concept of a three-volume set, with each volume focusing upon a specific area of concern.

  1. Pro Forma: Language/Text/Visual Art - Full Series

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