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Keren Cytter

Keren Cytter
Moderna Museet
Artists' Books
13 × 21 × 1 cm

Foreword by Lars Nittve, text by Magnus af Petersens.

Keren Cytter has rapidly established herself internationally as one of the most interesting and unique artists on the contemporary art scene. At the mere age of 33 (born 1977 in Tel Aviv, currently living and working in Berlin), in the last eight years she has produced more than 50 video works, written three novels and an opera libretto, started the dance and theatre company D.I.E. Now, won awards and is the darling of the art press. Last summer, she exhibited at the New Museum’s group show “Younger Than Jesus” and participated in the Venice Biennale. Cytter says: “I studied art because I wanted to go to New York and wash dishes.”

This catalogue provides the reader with the opportunity to read six of Keren Cytter’s scripts.

  1. Keren Cytter

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