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Air inside the bones Gonçalo Sena

Gonçalo Sena
ArtEZ Institute of the Arts
Artists' Books
24 × 34 × 0.4 cm

Folded, unbound sheets, colour and b/w illustrations, English text.

With texts by Robert Macfarlane and Pedro A.H. Paixao.

Notes on Air inside the bones:

First published in 1856, John Ruskin’s “Modern Painters vol.IV: Of Mountain Beauty” reflects on the geology of the Alps i terms of landscape observation and its moral and spiritual influences on those living nearby. The “mountainous mask” list derives from the original Index of that book.

Note on Pedro A.H. Paixao’s text:

The text presented here is the development of a selection of notes written, at first, on the margins of my red drawings series, and after – conserving its informal shape, without reference notes -, as a reflection on affinities to Goncalo Senas use of drawing in his projects. The double ‘||’ within the text means not so much a paragraph division, but a lapse in time, allowing the text to remain as a condensed block, and to exhibit its journal nature, here exempted of places and dates.

Concept/Images: Gonçalo Sena

Authors: Robert Macfarlane, Pedro A.H. Paixao

Drawings: Gonçalo Sena

Design: Stefano Faoro, Werkplaats Typografie/ArtEZ Institute of the Arts

  1. Air inside the bones

Gonçalo Sena

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