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Gerhard Richter: Editions 1965-2013 Catalogue Raisonné

Gerhard Richter
Hatje Cantz
Artists' Books
26.5 × 30.5 × 4.5 cm

Edited and with text by Hubertus Butin, Stefan Gronert.

Gerhard Richter’s editions are attracting increasing interest around the world. Editions are all of the artist’s original works of art that have been produced in multiple. In his new catalogue raisonné Hubertus Butin presents all of the prints, photography editions, artist’s books, multiples (objects), and painting editions from 1965 to 2013. Informative essays and numerous illustrations demonstrate how the editions are an independent, major part of Richter’s oeuvre, offering the artist an opportunity to reach a larger audience while simultaneously exploring creative possibilities in diverse and experimental ways.Gerhard Richter (born 1932) fled from East to West Germany in 1961 and studied in Düsseldorf. After guest professorships at various institutions, he became a professor at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 1971. Richter has been represented at important exhibitions, from the Documentas V to X to the 1972 Venice Biennial, and he is also the recipient of many prominent awards. To celebrate his seventieth birthday in 2002, The Museum of Modern Art, New York devoted a retrospective to his work. Richter lives in Cologne.

  1. Gerhard Richter: Editions 1965-2013

Catalogue Raisonné

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