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Eve Egoyan
Candareen Records
14 × 12.3 × 1 cm
59 min

Recorded in 2003, Eve Egoyan specializes in the performance of new works. WU for piano solo was composed by Rudolf Komorous. WU is a piece in one movement and is comprised of 31 segments with a slow tempo that varies from segment to segment. Play time is 59:32. CD in plastic jewel case with simple black and white cover sleeve.

“Wu, an hour-long piece for solo piano, like many of his works, grew out of an interest in Chinese culture and literature. Written on a single staff and able to be played by one hand, Wu is made up of a curious combination of strictly controlled parameters and some elements left entirely to the judgment of the performer, in this case Eve Egoyan, the astute and sensitive Canadian proponent of new and experimental piano music. Much of Wu consists of a single melodic line, with an added note or chord employed only occasionally. It is all slow music, with each of its 31 sections having a precisely indicated tempo, and the performer is advised to observe the duration of the rests between the sections very rigorously. It may not be tonal, but neither is it jaggedly dissonant. Its mood throughout is one of unhurried, quiet, benevolent meditation, only rarely marked by dramatic contrasts. It’s a piece that will likely either exasperate or enchant the listener.” – Stephen Eddins, Allmusic

  1. WU

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