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Modern Optical Experiments in Typography: Univers Ultra Light Oblique (1968)

Tim Lee and Mark Soo
ECI Press
Artists' Books
16.5 × 22.7 × 5.1 cm

This collaborative project by Mark Soo and Tim Lee formally pushes the boundaries of what a book is. The book is blank except for four printed pages containing the text ‘Think’, ‘Fast’, ‘Hip’, and ‘pies’ set in Univers. Focusing on the year 1968, the artists pull seemingly disparate events together. 1968 was an important year in hippie subculture and it was also around this time that Bruce Nauman made his seminal piece Pay Attention Fucker and the year Dan Graham wrote Eisenhower and the Hippies. Edited by Christoph Keller and Kathy Slade.

  1. Modern Optical Experiments in Typography: Univers Ultra Light Ob

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