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University of Guelph Artist Press, 2008 Portfolio: James Carl, Nestor Kruger, Derek Sullivan

Nestor Kruger, Derek Sullivan, and James Carl
University of Guelph Artist Press
Print Portfolio

The University of Guelph Artist Press, 2008 Portfolio is the second fundraising folio initiative for the School of Fine Art & Music, in support of exceptional young artists in the undergraduate programme. Both the first and second folio highlight a Guelph faculty member, an alumnus, and a friend of the university. Included is “Citizen Denizen Resident” by Derek Sullivan, “Loose Leaf” by Nestor Kruger” and “Content (mix litho)” by James Carl.

Each artist volunteered their time and talent, working with Master Printer Allen Ash in the production of their limited edition print.

Each screen or litho print is 22” x 30” printed on BFK Rives 280 GSM paper, and is signed and numbered by the artist. Edition of 30, housed in a cloth portfolio with separate certificates of authenticity for each of the prints.


  1. University of Guelph Artist Press, 2008 Portfolio: James Carl, N

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