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FASTWÜRMS postcards - individual (from a set of 8)

self published
Artists' Books
15 × 10 cm

Eight new postcards from contemporary artist-witch duo FASTWÜRMS. Seven of the postcards depict their famed cats in various poses : ‘Cheese and Full Moon Rising’, ‘The Haywagon’, ‘Cheese on the Massey’, ‘Russell Crowbar, Taalon + Spoticus’, ‘Taalon on Patrol’, ‘Bunny Lick’, ‘Dragon Wagon on a Straw Bale’, and the odd image out titled ‘Pirate Head, 2005: Swashbucklers Michael barker and FASTWÜRMS show off their insurrectionary community values’. Sold individually.

  1. FASTWÜRMS postcards - individual (from a set of 8)

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