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Alces & Esel: Featuring - "Domestic Disturbance" & "Superman"

Jamila Siddiqui
Artists' Books
20.2 × 25.5 cm

Alces & Esel is a comic featuring Alces, a crack addicted cat/dog type animal looking for world domination, and Esel, a supposedly gay kangaroo. Edition One features two stories entitled “Domestic Disturbance” and “The Superman”. These stories provide insight into the odd lives of Alces and Esel as they encounter other eccentric characters.

“Domestic Disturbance” introduces a foul mouthed Alces and an unsuspecting Esel as they encounter Officer Affe after he is called to attend to a domestic disturbance. The story details Officer Affe’s unique style of policing as he attempts to clear up the situation at hand.

The second story, “The Superman”, introduces Anwon, a superintendent that is never seen without his seductive wrench. The story outlines Anwon’s efforts to seduce Esel’s vengeful sister, along with a few other strange moments.

Edition of 110.

  1. Alces & Esel: Featuring - “Domestic Disturbance“ & “Superman“

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