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Andrew Dadson: Visible Heavens from 1850 - 2008

Andrew Dadson
JRP / Ringier Kunstverlag
Artists' Books
18.8 × 28.4 cm

Visible Heavens from 1850 – 2008 is an artist book based on a found star map from 1850. The “original” map was photocopied and each subsequent copy was then re-photocopied. The artist likens the slow degradation of the image to the cultural shift within our interpretation of the stars (constellation charts were called maps of the heavens but after 1975 they became known as maps of the sky) and each photocopy represents a year in the decline from “heaven” to “earth”. From start to finish the map changes from an “accurate” vision of the stars above to an abstracted blackness depicting the new “heaven” in the year 2008.

ISBN: 978-3-905829-68-6

  1. Andrew Dadson: Visible Heavens from 1850 - 2008

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