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Several Women Dancing

Paul Dutton
The Mercury Press
Artists' Books
14 × 21.5 × 1.5 cm

Several Women Dancing is a novelistic exploration of time, memory, and consciousness, rendered in a kaleidoscope of overlapping reality, fantasy, and dream. The protagonist relates his account of a passionate affair and its profound effects in a manner that mirrors his various states of emotional turbulence, self-delusion, personal trauma, and self-realization. With deft strokes of understated humour, telling irony, and quintessential ambiguity, this innovative work of fiction portrays one man’s progress, —by turns anguished and ecstatic — from obsession to love. In superbly crafted prose, at once precise and suggestive, with psychological acuity and compassionate humanity, Several Women Dancing probes questions of sexual identity, personal identity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, guilt, psychic masochism, and relationships between men and women.

  1. Several Women Dancing

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