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Valérie Blass

Valérie Blass
Parisian Laundry
16.5 × 21.5 × 0.8 cm

Working in sculpture, Blass looks for tensions and relationships between form, figure, materials, and art historical tropes. She often uses everyday objects and industrial materials as an inspiring starting point to organically explore tension and absence in natural and art history such as fractured figures and broken remains or artifacts. Blass has a vision of a curious present, a place where seemingly stoic objects come to be on guard as cemented (literally) sentinels, spent warriors, princesses and other figures. Materials and history act as muses and points of comparison. Blass’ profound engagement addresses and respects the history of sculpture while introducing new versions of icons and figures. It is a lexicon of sorts that Valérie uses over and over again, the duality of matter- the sameness and differences of things and the repetition of colors, materials and scale-becomes the landscape of an actual world. Her work relies on responses and reactions of an inspired audience. What is left is her imaginings of the immediate present/future where new executions bring together wonderful iconic hybrids.

  1. Valérie Blass

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