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  1. Claes Oldenburg: Raw Notes
  2. Claes Oldenburg: Raw Notes
  3. Micah Lexier: I’m Thinking of a Number: Selected invitations, books, catalogues, packaged prints, objects in multiple, t-shirts, projects in and for publications, coins, and ot
  4. Karl Beveridge and Carole Condé: Condé and Beveridge: Class Works
  5. Sandra Alfoldy: NeoCraft: Modernity and the Crafts
  6. Ceramic Millennium: Critical Writings on Ceramic History, Theory, and Art
  7. Donald Judd: Complete Writings 1959 - 1976
  8. Benjamin Buchloh, Serge Guilbaut, and David Solkin: Modernism and Modernity : the Vancouver Conference Papers
  9. Peggy Gale: Artists Talk: 1969-1977
  10. Daniel Buren: Halifax
  11. Paul-Emile Borduas: Writings, 1942-1958
  12. Dara Birnbaum: Rough Edits