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Go Home Magazine Issue #2: We're all adults here

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18 × 22.5 × 0.2 cm

Go Home Magazine is a quarterly publication looking to uphold traditions of printed matter and showcase creativity from around the globe. We want to create a platform where emerging and lesser-known artists, writers and designers can gain exposure and much-deserved recognition. Each issue is curated around a different theme, and includes a variety of media under the arts and culture umbrella.

Issue #2: WE’RE ALL ADULTS HERE (February 2013)

This theme aims to explore, challenge, and discuss the notion of adulthood. At what point do we become and adult? Go Home brought together any explorations and interpretations of growing up (or not), of coming of age, of being a kid, of adulthood. This issue showcases all of the inevitable complications and experiences- the bliss, the bland and the bad- of getting old.

Includes writing, illustration, photography and paintings by:

Laura Bardsley, Josh Barsky, Sarah Beck, Hayley Blackmore, Mackenzie Boyle, Cynthia Broderick, David Clark, Jessica Crowe, Kira Crugnale, Rian Davidson, Julia Dickens, Jesse Elessar, Chloe Ellingson, Duncan Ferguson, Nicolas Field, Kelsey Fraser, Benjamin Freedman, Sebastian Frye, Nic Greasy, Emily Hanlon, Sandi Hartling, Ted Higney, Olivia Johnston, Natasha Klimenko, Sean Marc Lee, Josh Loftin, Brendan Megannety, M. James Mortlock, E. Wynne Neilly, Megan Prediger, Jason Riach, Kyle Scully, Heather Smith, Miles Stemp, Kali Urquhart, Vince Vining and Molly Willows.

  1. Go Home Magazine Issue #2: We’re all adults here

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