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Go Home Magazine, Issue 4: Tell Me About It

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Issue #4: TELL ME ABOUT IT (October, 2013)

Life is just a bunch of stories.

The second the present moment slips into the past, it enters that weird realm of memory. Memories get repressed, they get tinted with nostalgia, get chewed up and spit out, get glorified. And whether it was a fight with your brother or the day you almost shit your pants in public (read on), it all piles onto that heap of stories that brought you to where you are today.

We asked you to tell us about it. Your past, your thoughts, your stories. Some are etched in illustration, caught on film, some are written on paper. All are moments that shaped someone.

There’s nothing like a good story.


“Salton Seas” photo essay by Landon Speers.

Photo project on Baines Machine & Repair Works by Hugh Mater.

Short story “Withdrawl” by Joel Brown.

And Interview with Josh Barsky by Shanley Maguire.

Essay “Made at Midnight” by Vanessa Nicholas.

This issue also includes lots of other creative writing, illustrations, and many beautiful film and digital photographs by:

Arianna Angeloni, Sophia Bartholomew, Brittney Bear Hat, Natasha Carlos, Anna Cipollone, Matt Davey, Cassandra DePetrillo, Shannon Echlin, Magida El-Kassis, Lupita Flores, Sarah Ford, Shannon Garden-Smith, Alison Gingerich, Prashant Gopal, Geneva Hayley, Dimitri Karakostas, Jenn Kitagawa, Elena López Lanzarote, Max Lupo, Matt Michels, Edlene Mogul, Mathew Morand, Sarah Palmer, Jason Riach, Shaun Roncken, Jesse Sarkis, Elies Van Renterghem, Meichen Waxer, Nicole Kelly Westman, and Yahlehly.

  1. Go Home Magazine, Issue 4: Tell Me About It

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