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Bruit De Fond - Background Noise

JSBJ Publishing
Artists' Books
210 × 275 × 1.2 cm

Perfect bound, full colour offset, softcover with flaps, printed in Latvia.

The border between different artistic media is meant to disappear to reveal interstices loaded with creativity. This publication is one of them.

A collection of images and photographs conceptualized and elaborated around what links sonic elements to visual ones.

This publication exhibits and questions different levels of interpretation between these two media.

How can one photograph noise? Silence?

Can we hear with our eyes and see with our ears?

Is noise inevitably associated to movement and silence to inactivity?

Why is noise a problem?

In this publication we aim to distance ourselves from the basic relationship existing between music and photography, avoiding pictures of gigs, bands or instruments.

We wish to present pictures that come out of the direct collaboration between noise and photography, taken instinctively and randomly. Pictures of places, moments or people where the notion of noise is perceptible instantly.

We also wish to present works from people that deal with this theme in a conscious and conceptual way.

This book deals with the notions of high and low definition of an image and encourages people to think about contemporary estheticism through different techniques: film or digital cameras, pictures that were found, screenshots or video samples…

Noise in photography can also be revealed by using certain devices to distort digital files or negatives.

The image produced then shows new properties – grain as an emotional variation –

These variations modify space and carry an immaterial energy named wave and revealed by photography.

In that sense, Bruit de fond (Background noise) becomes a collection of more or less stronger disturbances.

Bruit de fond questions our senses and our perception. This book questions the notion of photography by proposing to educate one to listening to pictures and looking at noise.

Photography by :

Asako Narahashi

Lydia Anne Mc Carthy

Jacob Wolf Miller

Thobias Fäldt

Jon Feinstein

Jeff Otto O’Brien

Seth Fluker

Jeremy Liebman

Oto Gillen

Daniel Everett

Yann Gross

Honet and Wulfran Patte

Jesper Ulvelius

Shane Lavalette

Chad Muthard

Peter Sutherland

Jennilee Marigomen

Daniel Augschoell

Jo-ey Tang

Pedro Ramos

Charles Negre

Sarah Pickering

Whitney Hubbs

Ola Rindal

Bill Sullivan

Pierre Le Hors

Kalle Sanner

Coley Brown

Nicholas Gottlund

Ozant Kamaci

Mårten Lange

Gordon Nicholas

Stéphanie Gygax

Raia Al Souliman

Aimee Brodeur

Grant Willing

Ann Woo

Erin Jane Nelson

Leon Batchelor

Miranda Lehman

Jeff Luker

Jessica Hans

Alexander Binder

Sean Stewart

Audrey Corregan

Jimmy Limit

Text by :

Joël Vacheron

Title, curating and layout :

Aurélien Arbet – Jérémie Egry – Nicolas Poillot

First edition, limited – 1000 copies.

  1. Bruit De Fond - Background Noise

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