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Tobias Madison
Andreas Koller
Artists' Books
23.8 × 30.2 × 1 cm

Tobias Madison

Pictures by Tobias Madison

Edited by Andreas Koller

Designed by Marietta Eugster

Softcover with dust jacket, perfect bound, 72 color images, 1st edition 09/2012

“Drawings” is a collection of digital drawings created between 2008 and early 2012 by the young Swiss artist Tobias Madison. The works are based on the gestural application of software chains of command?–?Madison uses this formal language as work material for exhibitions, textile applications and performances. Pop, a love-hate relationship with abstraction, emptied design codes of the past decades, as well as fragments and ruins of the digital culture are interwoven into the iconography of the images. Influenced by the fast, almost spastic transition into the digital culture, Madison continually questions authorship, medium and distribution. Without ever lapsing into the prevalent cultural pessimism, Madison, in his maximum aesthetic, articulates a biting commentary on the present.

  1. Drawings

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