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hotam #2

Ho Tam
self published
Artists' Books
21 × 27.3 × 0.4 cm

From the artist:

hotam is an photobook disguised as a magazine. Having worked with the “magazine” format for some time, I decide to explore and experiment further in this form. hotam is thus born. I see it as a new possibility of artist’s book, using the technology of digital printing. It is planned to be a serial publication. Each issue will be an independent entity with a theme and an individual approach. Different from magazines and more like an artist’s book or zine, it will only have a sole creator, me, overlooking from conception to design to production to distribution.

hotam #2 (Other People’s Business) is the collection of business cards which I have collected since early 1980s. With the passing of time, most of the cards are not valid anymore. They do tell the stories of the artists as well as that of the card givers.

  1. hotam #2

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