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Art at Large

Werkplaats Typografie
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16 × 23 × 1.5 cm

Art at Large is a compilation of essays by art historian and semiotician Marga van Mechelen published by ArtEZ Press. teaching at the University of Amsterdam. The book is a collections of essays about different aspects and interrelations of Performance art and Installation art supplemented by short texts about key concepts. Designer Ilke Gers has utilized strategies referred to in the essays by hand writing the text as a live performance. She attempted to bring to life the struggle with limitations, inadequacies and transience of the medium, of language and of the human body. The handwritten text also confronts the reader with the challenge of engaging with the inconsistencies and idiosyncrasies of letterforms rendered by hand which allows – or demands – for a more active and direct connection with the work.

  1. Art at Large

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