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Come On

Peter Wächtler
Goethe Institute
Artists' Books
4.3 × 7 in
128 pages
Short Stories, Fiction

Passivity and contemplation characterize the ten short stories featured in Peter Wachtler’s Come On. At a moment when talking about experiences seems more important than having them, Wächtler’s writing presents a different narrative to rationalize one’s place in the world. Unlike the various fatalistic doctrines these stories mime, the author’s social consciousness creeps into the picture. Hollowed-out phrases from the repertoire of advertising agencies and shallow love songs are made to speak beautifully of a world that is not beautiful. Critical theory proves potent means for territorial fighting—as potent as fists or a Kryptonite bicycle lock. Wächtler, while guest artist (2013) at the MINI/Goethe-Institute Curatorial Residencies at Ludlow 38, New York, produced this book of short stories in collaboration with Reena Spaulings Fine Art, along with exhibiting B.A.C.K., a projected animation film starring a bachelor rat.

  1. come on

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