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Michael DeForge
Koyama Press
Artists' Books
5.5 × 9 in
120 pgs
Canadian, Illustration, Comic

Michael DeForge makes comics like no one else. This collection of the cartoonist’s mini-comics, zines, anthology work, and more, is a follow up to the award-winning Very Casual, and shows the artist at the height of his occasionally fever-induced powers.

A prolific artist who is constantly producing work in a variety of media, DeForge is a designer and storyboard artist on the Emmy Award-winning show Adventure Time. One can see hints of that show’s house style filtered through the Lynchian landscapes and otherworldly vistas of DeForge’s vision.

Michael DeForge currently lives and works in Toronto as a cartoonist, commercial illustrator, and designer for the hit Cartoon Network program Adventure Time. His one-person anthology series Lose has received great critical and commercial success, having been nominated for every major comics award including the Ignatz and Eisner Awards.

Hardcover, paper over board, colour.

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