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Real Estates: Life Without Debt

Bedford Press
Artists' Books
11 × 17.4 cm
136 pages

Edited by Fulcrum (Jack Self & Shumi Bose)

Essays by:
Pier Vittorio Aureli, Neil Brenner, Mark Campbell, Mario Carpo, Keller Easterling, Ross Exo Adams, Peer Illner, Sam Jacob, Roberta Marcaccio, Jack Self, Brett Steele, Urban-Think Tank, Wouter Vanstiphout, Eyal Weizman, Finn Williams

Neoliberalism as a wealth redistribution imperative has made property ownership impossible or unprofitable for much of society. Whether in the form of mortgages or rent, we are consigned to living in conditions of perpetual debt.

Real Estates: Life Without Debt explores the moral, political and economic ramifications of property and ownership in neoliberal debt economies, and asks what role the architect might play in addressing widening social and spatial inequality in the built environment.

  1. Real Estates

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