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Ecstatic Essays No. 01: Nell Zink Is Damn Free

David Bradford
Blank Cheque Press
Artists' Books
12.7 × 17.8 × 0.2 cm
20 pp

“To those who’ve read [Nell Zink], she seems at once better than us, out of her mind, a queen of the idiom, a king of the digression, sharp/concise/tangential, and/or the best possible ‘just keep at it’ success story.”

Ecstatic Essays is a series of pamphlets presenting nuanced opinions on obscure topics in arts & culture.

David Bradford is a poet and MFA candidate at the University of Guelph. His work has appeared in various places, including Lemon Hound, Prairie Fire, and Toronto Lit Up’s The Unpublished City. He is the author of the chapbook Call Out (knife|fork|book, 2017). He edits knife|fork|book’s poetry imprint and splits his time between Montreal and Toronto.

Softcover, saddle-stitched, risograph pamphlet

Edition of 100

June 2017

ISBN 978-0-9952644-1-0

  1. Nell Zink Is Damn Free

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