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Three Books and an Audio CD About Plants and Animals and War

Bill Burns
Walther Konig
Artists' Books
Box Set
12 × 17 × 2 cm

Three Books And An Audio CD About Plants And Animals And War is a box set edition. Included are the book trilogy, Bird Radio, 0.800.0FAUNA0FLORA and Two Boiler Suits and a Playlist.

Bird Radio describes the proper operation of the Bird Radio transmitter unit and its 17 bird calls made by the artist for his exhibition project of the same name. The birds represented are native to Afghanistan, Iraq and the Americas.

0.800.0FAUNA0FLORA: A User’s Guide to the Flora Fauna Information Service Interactive Voice Mail System presents the complete and illustrated script of the toll-free interactive telephone service, also produced by the artist and which provides convenient solutions to callers who wish to help preserve and protect plants and animals in war torn regions of the world.

Two Boiler Suits and a Playlist examines primate behavior at the extraterritorial prison camps at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and describes the music, food and chattels of the inmates therein.

The accompanying Audio CD contains four sound tracks. The first and second tracks are recordings of the words, voices and music of students from Alpha Alternative School in Toronto, as they describe and demonstrate the life and songs of the birds included in the Bird Radio project. The third and forth tracks are excerpts from the 0.800.0FAUNA0FLORA toll-free telephone service as it was presented at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 2008.

Signed and Numbered Edition of 50

  1. Three Books and an Audio CD About Plants and Animals and War

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