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Toronto Builds

Kevin Haas
Artists' Books

Edition of 12. Edition Number: 3/12

Hand made accordion fold books hand printed from litho plates with screenprinted book band.

The prints, installations, and artist’s books of Kevin Haas depict familiar but overlooked aspects of the built environment. He focuses on the sprawling commercial developments found just off highways, the construction cranes and glass condos transforming city skylines, and the clutter and detritus found throughout the urban landscape. His work is a reminder of the persistent role our surroundings play in our everyday experiences. Having recently relocated part-time to Toronto, he focused on the rapid changes occurring throughout the city for the books Toronto Builds and Construction Hoarding. The books were created and produced at Spark Box Studio in Picton, ON and Open Studio in Toronto, ON.

  1. toronto builds
  2. toronto builds

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