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Reykjavik Slides: (31, 035) Every View of a City

Dieter Roth
Dieter Roth Estate
Artists' Books
21 × 30 cm
Photography, Catalogue

Inspired by the distinctive character of Icelandic architecture, Dieter Roth’s Reykjavík Slides document every building in the Icelandic capital in 31,035 slides shown simultaneously on multiple projectors. In 1995 Roth gathered a selection of these images along with his handwritten notes in English and Icelandic describing the project s development to create an artist book printed in an edition of 90. This newest edition presents a snapshot of this monumental project in 24 color photographs on noncoated stock with saturated, almost prismatic inks that beautifully communicate the texture of his spare and rough-hewn subject. Made with the assistance of photographer Pál Magnússon and the artist s two sons, Björn and Karl, Reykjavík Slides constitutes a comprehensive survey of place, diverting attention away from the artist to his subject the singularity of Reykjavík, which has been Roth s home since 1957.

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