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Why Can't Minimal (Catalogue)

John Hampton
Art Museum of Toronto
Artists' Books
7.5 cm

Why Can’t Minimal addressed the humorous side of minimal art by embracing its humanity and latent absurdity. The exhibition rejects the assumption that minimal art requires solemn, unmoving contemplation, and instead embraces the more intuitive, jovial, and personal pleasures that occur when one has fun with the comically utopian ambitions of unitary forms. Playing with the forms, traditions and incongruities of multiple minimalisms, the presented works elude rational thought, repositioning conceptual value away from cognitive labour, towards the instinctual recognition offered through levity, play, humour and sentiment.

Curated by John G. Hampton.

With works by Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins, John Baldessari, John Boyle-Singfield, John Marriott, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Jon Sasaki, Ken Nicol, Liza Eurich, and Tammi Campbell.

Perfect-bound edition in a clear plastic case.

Edition of 300.

  1. Why Can’t Minimal

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