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O/ Divided/Defined, Weights, Measures, and Emotional Geometry

Jim Verburg
Artists' Books
16.5 × 24 × 1.5 cm

Edited by France Choinière

Verburg’s work in photography, video, print, installation, and text subtly mines the complexities of romantic and familial relationships. Often working with minimal or abstract shapes and images to create an emotional topography, revealing the intricate layers that constitute intimacy, the harmonies and dissonances inherent in an interpersonal dynamic. Taking shape as a poetic puzzle – where many individual pieces offer divergent perspectives and sit in tension with one another in a shared space, suggesting how differences in visual perception parallel the often disparate points-of-view held by individuals navigating relationships. In this publication, Verburg focuses specifically on the circle and line in his practice, both as an aesthetic celebration of the form, as well as the possibility of form to represent ideas of the whole or self. Moving between image, object and idea – exploring personal and interpersonal negotiations of thought, emotion, intention and meaning.

  1. O/ Divided/Defined, Weights, Measures, and Emotional Geometry

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