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this book owns no one

Cara Benedetto
Self published
Artists' Books
13 × 20 × 0.2 cm

Artist book by Cara Benedetto.

“With her iPhone realism, Benedetto straddles the line between critical distance and emotional seduction to arrive at a final heartbreak, which (to use Benedetto’s words) might otherwise be called a human screw.” (Review of ‘this book owns no one’ by Mieke Marple)

Cara Benedetto uses writing as a vehicle to create sympathetic situations. She instructs experimental writing workshops, performs PowerPoints, self-publishes books, and carries a clip-board while directing various nyc based non-profits. A graduate of Columbia University’s MFA program, she is a founding member of feminist collectives Holding Her Shape Collects and MADAM, as well as communications director at H.E.N.S.


  1. this book owns no one

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