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Hollow Earth

Tanya Busse and Emilija Skarnulyte
Artists' Books
14.5 × 19.5 × 1.5 cm
Contemporary Art

The Hollow Earth publication is the result of a friendship and collaboration between Emilija Skarnulyte (LT) and Tanya Busse (CA), that spanned many months and is ongoing still. As boundaries and borders shift and remapping slowly takes place, they have been trying to understand the scale of which arctic geography is being transformed at the hands of resource extraction, metals and minerals. They ask, what does the future north look like? How does this effect our view of the Northern landscape as a symbol of national romanticism, arctic frontie, untamed wilderness, polar expedition, tourist destination, and highly contested geopolitical territory currently at the forefront of resource and climate change debates?

By gathering materials from various mining sites in Kiruna, Kirkenes, Karasjok, Svalbard, and added perspectives by contributing writers, Hollow Earth raises questions around the idea of progress at the same time as embracing traits that are deeply rooted in human nature.

With contributions by: Kjerstin Uhre, Mattias Åhrén, Helge Ryggvik, Ben Woodard and Andreas Baader.

Designed by Eriksen/Brown and Nicolay Tufte Østvold.

Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w and colour.

  1. Hollow Earth

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