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I want a president: Transcript Of A Rally

Zoe Leonard
Dancing Foxes Press
Artists' Books
8.5 × 11 × 0.5 in
100 pp
Ephemera, Performance Art, Politics, Arts Writing

I want a president: Transcript of a Rally documents an afternoon of readings, speeches, and performances on November 6, 2016, on the Highline in New York City.

Two days before the USA Presidential Election, the event convened artists, poets, and performers to reflect on political leadership and community action in relation to Zoe Leonard’s 1992 text I want a president. The participants included Sharon Hayes, Zoe Leonard, Fred Moten & Stefano Harney, Wu Tsang, Morgan Bassichis, Mel Elberg, Malik Gaines, Alexandro Segade, Layli Long Soldier, Pamela Sneed, Eileen Myles, Justin Vivian Bond & Nath Ann Carrera.

Softcover, staple-bound, b/w

Dancing Foxes Press, 2017.

  1. I Want a President

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