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Tomorrow's Man 4

Jack Pierson, John Tottenham, Brian Calvin, Liz Larner, Cali Dewitt, Lily Stockman, Richard Tinkler, and Evan Whale
Trevor Hernandez and Paul Mpagi Sepuya
Jack Pierson + Bywater Bros.
Artists' Books

The fourth volume in Jack Pierson’s celebrated Tomorrow’s Man artist book series mixes imagery from all spectrums of the visual landscape into a single mediation on the world around us. Combining archival material together with contributions by emerging and established artists, Tomorrow’s Man 4 continues on where the earlier volumes left off. Mixed together in its signature all over design format this installment showcases historical pen and ink sketches by John Tottenham, hummingbird portraits by Brian Calvin, glazed ceramic constructions by Liz Larner, and deadpan street shots by Trevor Hernandez (better known to many by his Instagram handle Gang Culture) together with contributions by Cali Dewitt, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Lily Stockman, Richard Tinkler, and Evan Whale.

The title, Tomorrow’s Man, comes from an infamous bodybuilding magazine from the 1950s and ‘60s. Reappropriating the publication’s title as well as its retro bodybuilding aesthetic, Pierson takes viewers on a dizzying visual journey encompassing the full spectrum of cultural references. Includes a four large fold-out posters

  1. TM4

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