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Another time, this time, one time

Western Front
32 × 32 × 1 cm
Music, Vinyl, Wholesale

From the liner notes:
“Following [Bela] Bartók’s invocation of the ‘mikrokosmos’ as a ‘small world’ containing a myriad of cultural influences, Hicks and Jemison’s project also considers the macro within the micro, engaging folklore, tradition and lineage within the specific history and study of Black music.”

From the artists:
“Mikrokosmos, like all black music, is a form of speculation. It is “study without end” (Moten and Harney, 2015); blackness is its subject. Anti-languages and alternative literacies have persisted in the African American community since slavery, and Mikrokosmos embraces the spirit of these radical approaches to language and learning. With our collaborators, we derive new proposals for understanding and teaching pitch and rhythm from the black vernacular songbook.

Mikrokosmos is influenced by diverse music pedagogical programs and contexts, including the Orff Schulwerk, the Kodaly method, Béla Bartok’s Mikrokosmos piano learning exercises, and the musical learning methodologies of the black American church, among others. The current research uses the melodic and rhythmic conventions of songwriter Gil Scott-Heron as tools for articulating revolutionary melancholy.”
released August 5, 2020

Justin Hicks – Vocals, Sundrum
Jonathan Hoard – Vocals
Steffani Jemison – Vocals, Glockenspiel
Allison Loggins-Hull – Flute
Alexis Marcelo – Vocals, Piano
Anaïs Maviel – Vocals
Kenita Miller-Hicks – Vocals

Tim Darden
Quincy Flowers
Ayesha Jordan
Kara Lynch
Alexis Marcelo
Okwui Okpokwasili
David Hamilton Thomson

Ernie Indradat

Lacquer Cut:
Adam Gonsalves, Telegraph Mastering

Preston Thompson

Liner Notes:
Pablo de Ocampo

Copy Editor:
Jacquelyn Ross


  1. Mikrokosmos
  2. Mikrokosmos

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