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Neokuratin, poster

Bernhard Cella
41 × 62 × 0.1 cm

For use in cases of opening paralysis, fear of the future, and other known effects of advanced curatorial dependency. How does Neokuratin work? Neokuratin is a newly developed active ingredient belonging to the anxiolytika family. Through the neurotransmitter synapses of the amygdala (located in the medial sector of the temporal lobes), it indirectly affects the attunement of coordination of personal behavior. In contrast to sedatives, psychotropic drugs, and benzodiazepines, Neokuratin strengthens the magnitude of the patient’s own will and own ability to make decisions. Therefore, it is not experienced as an external psychological or physical effect, but as an inner aid to self estimation and self development. Neokuratin sensitizes the endo-active balance of the transmitters tymosin and stratosin. Their balance is essential for independent reaction to spontaneous first impressions (tymosin) with a simultaneous ability to devise plans irregardless of the situation (stratosin). It contributes greatly to keeping open the long-term recourse to previous works in an artistic work process (long-term coherence).

  1. Neokuratin, poster

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