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A Beaver Tail

Terence Koh
Art Metropole
23.9 × 12.2 × 7.9 cm
Contemporary Art,

Cast in bronze and finished with a soft white patina, A BEAVER TAIL is a life-sized reproduction of the iconic cold-season Canadian pastry of the same name. Each copy of A BEAVER TAIL is housed in a custom box with debossed text on the lid, and is accompanied by a bookwork and insert card.

Conceptualizing this project specifically for Art Metropole, Terence Koh chose the beavertail for its nationalistic identity. The artist performed a secret “veneration” of the bronze, at Art Metropole, on the evening of Saturday May 3. The performance/ritual, enacted without an audience, was photo-documented. Selected images of the performance are featured in the bookwork which accompanies the edition – revealing the details of the secret ritual.

Edition of 10, signed and numbered.

  1. A Beaver Tail

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