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Charge Clusters: The Basis of Zero-Point Energy Inventions

Benjamin Phelan
Dynasty Zine
Artists' Books
20 × 25 × 1 cm

Zero-Point Energy is a physics theory that describes the unlimited power generated by the the fluctuations present at every point in empty space. Phelan writes: ‘I don’t understand the math behind it, but I have an vague awareness that it is true; “points in space” filled with potential information being the way I generally think about making sculptures. Physics enthusiasts, who share my comprehension level, fantasize about harnessing the ZPE potential in empty space for the benefit of mankind, and publish plans for mechanical and electronic inventions to this effect outside the scientific establishment. I have been thinking about these inventions as propagators of alternative physical belief systems, where the whole function of the device, is fulfilled by its materiality, not its effect. It doesn’t actually have to generate free-energy, only a social exchange zone.’

Structured around a found text, Charged Clusters: The Basis of Zero-Point Energy Inventions documents the magnetic levitation of a portion of my crystal collection inside a Styrofoam box along with manufacturing photographs taken by the inventor of levitation device.

Numbered edition of 100


  1. Charge Clusters: The Basis of Zero-Point Energy Inventions

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