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Language to Cover a Page

Kristen Mueller
Motto Books
Artists' Books
16 × 23 × 2 cm

Working within a lineage which encompasses Joseph Kosuth’s Purloined (in which the author assembled a single novel from individual pages of different books), Tom Phillips’s A Humument (in which the author creates a new narrative by drawing on top of existing pages) and Ronald Johnson’s Radi Os (in which the author erases words from Milton’s Paradise Lost to create a stirring new poem), Mueller has done more than simply “compose the holes.” With Language to Cover a Page, Mueller has carefully aligned excerpts from disparate books—with differing typefaces intact—into two evolving pages. These pages crescendo before our very eyes, a flipbook of accumulating meaning, where with the passing of every page the narrative becomes aware of its own developing presence. —Derek Beaulieu (excerpt from text insert accompanying the book)

  1. Language to Cover a Page

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