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TOPO-GRAPHICA, on drawing. mapping, and subjectivity (standard edition)

Bronwen Payerle
Artists' Books
15.2 × 22.8 × 0.7 cm

The non-limited edition perfect bound paperback version of TOPO-GRAPHICA. This is a 75 page, 9 H X 6 W cm book which includes both the text and images scanned from the original drawings. Made from Vancouver and its ruralities, Bronwen Payerle commands text and image to synthesize the effects of place upon person, and vice versa. Geography seeps through the paper, delineating physical and conceptual terrain, to witness a becoming.

The limited edition version is also available at Art Metropole.

  1. TOPO-GRAPHICA, on drawing. mapping, and subjectivity (standard e

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