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Three 3

Midi Onodera
Daruma Pictures Inc
13.5 × 19 cm

This DVD collection contains selected work by Midi Onodera produced from 1995 to 2002, including her award-winning film “The Basement Girl,” and the feature “Skin Deep.”

Since the early 1980s, Onodera has produced an impressive body of acclaimed and ground-breaking films and videos. Her work is featured in numerous international exhibitions and screenings, and included in the collections of many art galleries, libraries and universities.

The short films in this DVD volume are adventurous explorations of multiple film and video formats – from 16 mm and super 8 film, to analogue and digital toy cameras (including the Lomographic Supersampler, a modified Nintendo Game Boy camera; and the Intel Mattel computer microscope). The films are sensitive poetic ruminations on loss: the ending of relationships, the failure of perception, and the outsiders aloneness.

In contrast, the feature film “Skin Deep,” a riveting psychological drama about obsession, relationships and sexuality, leads us into worlds where people are never who they appear to be.

Video interviews with film scholar Judith Mayne and Onodera herself provide insight into feminism, pop culture and the influence of toy video cameras on art. Additional essays by film programmer, Heather Keung and lecturer, Nadine Sivak focus on the politics of Asian-Canadian representation and identity.

Includes: “Skin Deep” (1995) 81:00; “The Basement Girl” (2000) 11:40; “Slightseer” (2001) 3:20; “Knowbody Knows” (2002) 3:15

Includes additional material: Judith Mayne: “The Basement Girl” (2008) 13:34; Midi Onodera: “Space Between Frames” (2008) 6:26; “More Than One: Onodera” by Heather Keung (PDF essay); “Knowledge in the Body: Skin Deep” by Nadine Sivak (PDF essay)

Note: Public presentation rights for Libraries and other educational contexts are available for this DVD at a separate price point. Please inquire for more information.

  1. Three 3

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