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Prospectus: Artists´edition

Ben Kinmont

Printed by Patrick Reagh, this edition of Prospectus differs from the first in that it has been expanded to include new projects since 2002 as well as a few others that Kinmont had unintentionally omitted. The first edition was printed offset in Switzerland with a signature of photographic reproductions. In the current edition, the text is printed letterpress with individual pieces of lead type and the signature of illustrations, while also printed letterpress, is printed in a second color using polymer plates, a more recent printing technology more akin to woodblock printing than offset. These new illustrations are facsimiles of documents taken directly from the project archives and effectively become an extension of the archives themselves.

In the artist’s edition, each book is numbered and signed and comes with one project description cast in lead type. These are the actual pages from which the book was printed (see the illustration above). As such, each copy of the artist’s edition is unique. The size of the edition for sale is equal to the number of projects in the book: forty-two.

  1. Prospectus: Artists´edition

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