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This Book is a Classroom

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21.5 × 29 × 1 cm

With contributions by Ellen Blumenstein, bolwerK, Vincent Bonin, Irina Dumitrescu, Eva Egermann + Elke Krasny, Dani Gal + Achim Lengerer, Maaike Grouwenberg, Max Jorge Hinderer, Egija Inzule + Maja Wismer, Karl Larsson, Falke Pisano, Simone Schardt, Robin Simpson, Andrea Thal, Danna Vajda, Jacob Wren.

Edited by With With (Lucie Kolb, Romy Ruegger) and Passenger Books, in collaboration with HIT (Lina Grumm, Annette Lux).

We would like to learn, and we are working on a book. The room it offers is circumscribed and structured by the book‘s parameters: format, binding, jacket, title page, layout, preface, postface, table of contents, captions, cross headings, intertitles, annotations, editorial notes, appendix, blurb, names and accessories. This book is a classroom. We invite you to play this classroom together with us – a play to be played indoors or out, I wish to be a school – by a text or picture contribution; as a professor, student, guest, friend, reader, lecturer, listener, assistant, staff, animal, as equipment, materials, furniture, architecture or sound.

  1. This Book is a Classroom

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