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Mark Laliberte
self published
Artists' Books
12 × 19 × 1 cm

This collection presents a series of visual meditations on the subject of “ poetics”. Like much of Laliberte’s recent output, this project hovers around — but never quite steps into — the cultural zone that pure, popular comics inhabit.

The hybrid “texts” presented here (slowly developed from 2001-08), appropriate and invade the hand-made illustrative markings of different illustrators or cartoonists, as they draw bricks — usually in the backgrounds of city scenes. Each drawn source is pulled forward and stripped of all signs of their original narrative intent. In a process that is metaphorically connected to the careful manipulation of written words on a page, each work is digitally constructed — brick-by-brick — into new and distinct walls that the reader will likely enjoy hitting up against.

Excerpts from the Brick Poems project have previously appeared in the following journals and magazines: 3rd Bed 06 (USA, 2003) . Queen Street Quarterly Vol 07/1 (CAN, 2003) . West Coast Line 46 (Vol 39/1) (CAN, 2005) . Prairie Fire Vol 26/4 (CAN, 2006) . Dandelion Vol 31/2 (CAN, 2006) . Dandelion Vol 32/1 (CAN, 2006) . Descant 133 (Vol 37/2) (CAN, 2006)


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Edited by Maren Lübbke-Tidow