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The Book of the Present Moment (And its Near Past)

Alejandro Tamayo
Alejandro Tamayo
17.5 × 25 × 1.2 cm

This work is composed of two different texts: “The Present” and “A moment ago”. “The Present” is printed on one side of a page and “A moment ago” is printed on the back. There are 125 pages that are put together in the form of a book. The cover and the back cover extend these two texts into the exterior, making it possible for these two texts to enter in contact with the world outside, like a table or other books. For simplicity I will refer to it as a “book”. The book has also a circular perforation that goes along the pages. Through the perforation there is a yellow cord attached in a circular way. The rope allows the book to be hung from a nail, just like a tool.

The books are not signed nor numbered as introducing a signature in the pages would create a temporal disruption. I opted for including a “page marker” which is simply a small piece of paper, it is this paper that is numbered and signed.

- Alejandro Tamayo
Dec. 18, 2017

Perfect-bound, softcover, b/w
First edition of 10

  1. The Book of the Present Moment (And its Distant Past)

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