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Kelly Jazvac : Plastiglomerates

Kelly Jazvac
Durable Good
Kirsty Robertson
Durable Good
Artists' Books
Book, Environment, Essays, Risograph

Kelly Jazvac: Plastiglomerates is the inaugural publication from Toronto publishers Durable Good.

“In 2012, geologist Patricia Corcoran and sculptor Kelly Jazvac travelled to Kamilo Beach, following a tip from oceanographer Charles Moore that the beach was covered in a plastic-sand conglomerate. Moore suspected nearby volcanoes were to blame. In fact, the plastic and beach detritus had been combined into a single substance by bonfires. Human action on the beach had created what Corcoran and Jazvac named “plastiglomerate,” a sand-and-plastic conglomerate. Molten plastic had also in-filled many of the vesicles in the volcanic rock, becoming part of the land that would eventually be eroded back into sand.” – Kirsty Robertson

Plastiglomerates considers how artist Kelly Jazvac’s sculptural practice is situated amongst her collaborative research in diverse fields: earth sciences, environmental activism, and cultural studies. The book features an interview between Jazvac and geologist Patricia Corcoran; essays by Jonathan Griffin and Kirsty Robertson; and new images by Kelly Wood.

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